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Expand Your Advertising Channels by Exploring Our Billboard Marketing Opportunities in Chicago

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Billboard rentals have been a popular marketing too l since the mid 1800’s and have survived the test of time due to their effectiveness as getting across a brands message to a large number of consumers all day, every day. Billboard Source is expert at placing all types of billboard campaigns tailored to suit your exact requirements. For one all in one rental fee you can deliver a clear, memorable message to potential and existing customers at a wide variety of locations across the city.
Chicago billboard
Chicago has a long history of billboard advertising as the first 24 sheet billboard was displayed here and the city is still famous for cutting edge billboard campaigns. With a population of 3 million people Chicago is spread out over a wide area with most of the population travelling around the city providing a lot of high traffic locations for effective billboard advertising.
The city is renowned for its public transit system with a comprehensive network of trains and busses
that provide ideal locations for commuter billboards. Commuter billboards on trains and busses are
highly effective as people have the time to absorb their content. There are also a number of key
locations such as Wrigley Field, O’Hare Airport and the Chicago Cultural Center as well as a vibrant
downtown that provides ideal outdoor and indoor billboards locations.
Billboard Source, the out-of-home Media Specialists in Chicago, will guide you on the best customized placements, to ensure your billboards deliver maximum impact and quickly build brand awareness. Some of our most popular products include indoor, outdoor and mobile billboards, as well as bus, taxi and commuter displays.
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