One Superbowl Ad or Billboards in 27 Top Markets for 4 Weeks. Can't decide? Read below for some guidance.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Billboards, also known as Out of Home Media or OOH, offer advertisers a number of advantages over advertising for 30 seconds during the Superbowl, such as: 

1. Cost: In most cases, Billboards are a fraction of the cost of a Super Bowl ad. For example, a four-week billboard campaign across the top 27 US markets can reach almost one billion impressions for the cost of a single Super Bowl ad. 

2. Reach: Billboards offer both local and national reach. They can be used to target specific markets, or blanket the entire country with a single campaign. 

3. Flexibility: Billboard campaigns can be tailored to meet specific objectives, such as brand awareness, product promotion, or direct response. 

4. Measurability: Billboard campaigns can be tracked in real-time to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and optimize the messaging as needed. 

5. Brand Exposure: OOH billboard campaigns can reach large audiences with impactful visuals and messaging, creating memorable impressions and increasing brand awareness. 

Overall, OOH billboards can provide a cost-effective and powerful alternative to the Super Bowl for advertisers looking to reach a large audience with their message.


Source: Project X Media