How many people see billboards?

Thursday, May 30, 2019

With Geopath Ratings, we know the number of people who saw your OOH ad AND who they are. To achieve this level of demographic measurement, Geopath developed a measurement system that works in three steps. 

1. Geopath begins with a weekly count of all impressions people passing each board. This number would be the weekly circulation.

 2. Video simulations of outdoor exposure experiences in many different environments were conducted. Using eye-tracking technology, they determined what factors most affect a person’s likelihood to look or not look at a billboard. These factors adjust the weekly circulation down to a qualified weekly audience number. This is the weekly impression you'll find listed for most all billboards.

3. The US Census reports where people live and work. Based on travel patterns and traffic counts of all roadways across the country, Geopath knows how these people are most likely to reach their destination, and what streets or highways they most often drive. This reveals where people drive, and what out-of-home advertising they’ll pass on their way.

Source:  Lamar Advertising/Geopath