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Is it Time to Go Digital?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is it Time to Go Digital?Nielsen Group

An examination of The Nielson's group digital billboard study

Ad engagement and recall are two major indicators of success in any advertising campaign. Highly engaged consumers who remember your advertisement a month after seeing it, are much more likely to become paying customers.

Here at Billboard Source, we know that outdoor advertising is extremely effective in engaging with consumers, promoting brand loyalty, and providing content that is easily remembered. We also know that digital billboard takes these traits and greatly improves upon them.

In a recent study by The Nielson Group, 71% of polled consumers said that "ads on digital billboards stand out more than ads online.” 55% of those same consumers not only recalled the billboard itself, but also remembered the content and message of that billboard - weeks after they'd seen it.

Digital billboards might not seem very different from traditional billboards, but the Nielsen study has proved otherwise. The majority of polled consumers feel that "ads stand out more or just as much on digital billboards compared to other ad media," with 71% saying that digital billboards stand out more than online ads.

Stephen Freitas, head of The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has said that “Digital out of home is part of advertising’s future, and digital billboards offer brands a quick and flexible solution to target today’s mobile consumer." (OAAA)

With 6,100 digital billboards nationwide, finding a digital billboard in your advertising area has never been easier. With such good results and great national coverage, maybe it is time for you to go digital.