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Boost Your Revenue by Exploring Our Billboard Marketing Opportunities in California

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Seize the opportunity to increase your customer base by utilizing one of the most cost effective marketing channels. Billboard Source’s design and placement expertise gives you significant advantages over other types of media by promoting your brand round the clock for a single monthly fee. The flexibility of billboard design templates allow you to capture the attention of a wide variety of people by delivering a clear, easily recognizable message to new and existing consumers.

California is an ideal state for outdoor billboard campaigns as it is most populous state in the US, home to more than 38 million residents. Californians also love to travel around their state and the highways are packed with people constantly on the move providing a constantly changing, attentive audience for billboard advertising.

There are numerous key locations through the state that cater to widely different types of consumers such as Napa Valley for food and wine aficionados, as well as Lake Tahoe and the Yosemite National Park for people who enjoy outdoor activities. California is also home to Disneyland, Hollywood and Malibu providing ample out of state travelers. As a result you can run general billboard campaigns across key areas or place them in diffenent areas to get the attention of a specific type of consumer.

Billboard Source, the out-of-home Media Specialists in California, will guide you on the best customized placements, to ensure your billboards deliver maximum impact and quickly build brand awareness. Some of our most popular products include indoor, outdoor and mobile billboards, as well as bus, taxi and commuter displays.

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